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As designers we’re often asked to create templates for clients in one form or another. The most common templates belong to the Microsoft Office suite of applications (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, etc) but there are plenty of other template systems around. This website is one example of a template driven layout with many social media sites also controlling how a company site looks. Many businesses have learnt to work within these parameters and accept the limitations.

One person’s gain…

For a client having a template created is all about gaining control over company branded documents as well as saving money and speeding up processes. If something has to go out same day and without prior warning chances are your designer may not be able to schedule it in until much later, or charge a rush fee to fit it into the days workflow.

…is another’s loss

Designers on the other hand feel a loss of control. Many hours crafting an identity can quickly be undone by a wayward template. We want to help protect an asset that clients have invested time and money establishing and not have it diminished before or shortly after it’s launched. And like many businesses, designers too want to establish a long-term working relationship through repeat business.

Don’t just create a template, create ownership

Used correctly templates can be of great benefit to a company without loss of brand degradation. The key is to ensure those using the template also accept that they are keepers of your brand image and to take ownership and include them in the design process. If the template design doesn’t take into account a ‘wish list’ from regular users, chances are money spent on developing the template will be wasted because end users were ignored at the start of the design process and therefore refuse to use it or won’t follow brand guidelines.

Are your templates harming or enhancing your brand image?

Get started on a template that suits your business today?

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