Some time ago Paltech contacted Paraph about selling products online. Years prior (2011) Paraph redesigned their previous website as well as revitalised their long standing identity. Four years on and the old site was in need of an update. With an increasing focus on mobile-friendly websites it was imperative that the new site be responsive.

Although primarily a wholesale trade supplier, floor registers have always generated a lot of calls to their office from retail customers interested in replacing or updating their existing registers.

Identifying Reasons to Sell Products Online

This was an opportunity for Paltech to venture into the world of ecommerce and start selling products online (the main reason for the update). Starting with some of their base products, floor registers and downjets, a new strategy was developed that could be extended with additional products if the trial proved successful.

Paltech’s huge floor register colour range has been a strong selling point, generating a lot of ‘off-the-street’ calls that required a lot of time to handle and process as orders for little reward.

Implementing WooCommerce to Sell Online

The site was set up in WordPress and uses WooCommerce for handling sales. Paraph developed the framework and graphics for the new site based on existing brand elements and photography and worked with the client to setup the online store. Being a content management system (CMS) means that the client has much greater control over adding, removing or updating products. We provided initial consultation and assisted the client to set up some sample products so that they could go in and add additional products themselves. This had the advantage of reducing their implementation costs plus the chance to learn to create their own content with our supervision.

Prior to launching we reviewed the client changes and updated the site on the live testing server and the client integrated a PayPal payment system. The final steps were to finish setting up Google analytics and site statistics as well as search engine optimisation for static and product pages. Regular reviews will ensure the right keywords are targeted for future products and updates. The site was then launched with one our secure 4tify Hosting packages that uses scheduled offsite backups and a full site lock-down.

The site has generated a lot of interest since launching in its first week and had clocked up over 2500 views from 550 visitors in 10 days. A number of orders placed and with further promotion the site is on track to be a continuing success.

Paltech selling products online

Check out and discover this comprehensive and effective ecommerce site for yourself.

Page views in 10 days

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