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Annual Report Design
Hexima has been a client of Paraph since 2007 providing their initial public offering prospectus, and since then have produced their annual and half yearly reports, stationery, templates, brochures and website.
The Hexima annual report design comprised of two distinct sections. The front served as a review for current and prospective investors and contained custom designed diagrams and features.
The financial section comprises vast amounts of information expertly structured and styled. The layout grid flexibility allows for tables to be placed within the text flow or larger tables to be featured across a number of columns.


Clean legible design
We have worked closely with Paraph Design for many years. Friedo has designed everyday items such as stationery, templates and brochures through to major projects including our website, prospectus and identity development. Paraph’s service is always high quality, prompt and value for money. Elisha Larkin

Company Secretary, Hexima Limited

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