Identity Update as a Business Confidence Booster

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What is it you do before going to an important meeting, job interview or even a first date to give yourself a confidence boost? Do you get a haircut? Wear your best outfit? Splash on your favourite fragrance? Any of these proven methods will help boost your confidence and make you feel good about yourself.

Who benefits from a make-over?

Now what if you did the same for your business? Companies, like our clothes, can benefit from an identity update from time-to-time. It shows you’re progressive, moving with the times and care about your corporate appearance. By updating your corporate image, chances are that it will boost your confidence as well as that of your employees and customers.

Signify that you’re making a change and willing to become – or remain – a major player.

A visual change won’t be a magic bullet or saviour to resurrect a failing business, but it can signify that you’re making a change and willing to become or remain a major player. Any identity update will be more successful when it is accompanied by an operational change – first you must change behaviour to change opinions.

Where to start

Just like with your clothes, take stock of what you have in your corporate wardrobe. Lay everything out and see what you can do without and hold on to the things you still love. Now decide whether it’s best to ditch the old altogether and start from scratch or to accessorise with your favourites. 

Simplicity is key.

We’ve written a more in-depth article on How to Create a Visual Brand Audit that you can read here:

Looking for a Boost in Your Business Confidence?

Let Paraph give your business that make-over you’ve been looking for.

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