Hexima Identity and Website Launch

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Hexima has been a client since 2007 and had recently announced a change that would see them focus on a new stage in their research and commercialisation approach.

Hexima’s technology against onychomychosis, or fungal nail infection, had reached an important new stage. The company’s scientists have shown in vitro that one of Hexima’s patented molecules is an effective agent against the pathogens that cause this infection, and have begun to assess the safety of this molecule.

Identifying an Opportunity for Change

Paraph had already commenced on a redesign of the Hexima website and coupled with a recent relocation of Hexima’s head office to La Trobe University, we suggested that now would be a great time to consider a brand refresh. 

With new stationery and business cards required, changing the identity at this stage would be more cost effective than undertaking a refresh later, once they have a sellable product.

A brand refresh can be reflected in a number of ways but in this instance a change of logo and the use of new brand elements such as the typeface and imagery was appropriate. As part of the process Paraph helped establish a brief, from which it was agreed that the previous logo was more reflective of an industrial or chemical company and appeared hard and static.

Key Brand Elements

After conducting a brief Visual Brand Audit and using key elements from the existing logo – the circle, hexagon and corporate colours – Paraph explored options that suggested a more approachable, friendly, flexible and dynamic company without losing the boldness and strength that the previous logo had. The new increased size of the circles within the hexagon shape indicate an upwardly pointing arrow, indicative of the company’s forward thinking and rising momentum.

Ready for the Future

The new Hexima identity and website launch sums up perfectly the Hexima of the future. For an in-depth look at their website head to hexima.com.au.

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