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Yes, Paraph is offering free WordPress hosting with 4tify Hosting to any client that signs up for a new WordPress website.

We created our own WordPress website back in April 2013 – an eternity ago in web development terms. Prior to this web development for us was still a manual process of static design and complex coding and really best left to serious, hard-core nerds who dreamt in tags, scripts and databases. A nightmare for visual people.

Keen to see what all the fuss was about we started to dabble with WordPress template themes and explored the possibility of using these to suit our needs and those of our customers.

Back in those days there were limitations, and templates weren’t as flexible as they are now and our start with this new medium was a little hesitant. Nor were all templates responsive or ‘mobile-friendly’, something that has now become a requirement if you want your site to rank on Google.

What is a WordPress Website?

Simply put, WordPress is a content management system (or CMS) that allows you, the customer, control over your own website content. Similar systems like Drupal and Joomla exist that are variations on the same thing.

Whereas in the past website changes had to go to your web developer – who was most likely too busy to make small changes quickly – with a WordPress website you have the ability to login and make changes yourself.

Why WordPress?

With the number of WordPress installations reportedly as high as 25–30% of all websites worldwide, it is clear to see why we chose to use this popular CMS. Development and support is great and advancing at a very rapid pace with the number of updates being released increasing on a regular basis.

Although not everyone is keen to update the content or functionality of their own website, given its ease-of-use many developers are now opting for a WordPress installation for them to maintain on their clients behalf– in short – it provides enough flexibility for both client and developers.

Is WordPress Safe?

Like any popular system there are issues with security, something we’ve noticed since adopting WordPress. When you have a large enough chunk of the market there are always going to be people looking to exploit vulnerabilities as the collective target is much greater. Why shoot at a lone zebra when you have better odds aiming for the herd?

The best measure in reducing these vulnerabilities is to regularly keep your WordPress core, themes and plugins up-to-date.

That is why we at Paraph developed 4tify Hosting, not only will we design and develop your website for you but we also manage the hosting and maintenance on your behalf through 4tify. For extra security and peace-of-mind we also provide backup and site lock-down for those customers who like a little extra protection and created a way of managing your website spend using packages or plans.

What is a Visual Brand Audit

One thing we’ve learnt is that not all templates are created equal. That’s why we choose to use Elegant Themes for many of the sites we build. We’ve found their premium theme Divi to be the easiest to use for customers and also flexible enough to customise.

If you prefer to create your own site and are looking for a quality theme check them out. Their support is world-class as well.

What About The Free WordPress Hosting?


To launch 4tify we’re offering twelve months of free WordPress Hosting on our recommended 4tify Safehost Hosting package to any customers that has their WordPress website designed by Paraph and signs up to one of our hosting packages. Packages can be continued or upgraded after the twelve month free period has finished.

Get 1 Year FREE hosting with your new website today!

Simply get in touch with Paraph today to organise a no obligation estimate for your next WordPress website.

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