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Keeping track of your web hosting and site security can be a mundane task – but we’re here to help.


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As a Paraph client, you’re invited to join 4tify – our own web hosting, maintenance, backup and security service. Developed specifically for our customers, 4tify gives you a convenient single contact for all your online needs.

Choosing 4tify is the ultimate peace of mind for brands that rely on the web to do business. Our service includes: 

  • SSL certificates for all sites and added security
  • Regular site backups to ensure a more stable business portal
  • Regular updates (plugins, theme and core) for smoother usability
  • Speed optimisation for faster load times
  • Regular performance reports and your latest updates.

We also offer premium add-ons such as content management,
e-commerce, eNewsletters, analytics and more.

Why choosing 4tify makes more sense for your brand.

You may not know that many web hosting providers place your website alongside other customers that manage their own installation. That’s OK – as long as your site manager cares about your site’s security.

By contrast, we only host trusted client WordPress sites on a shared hosting plan that includes regular checks and updates to the WordPress core, theme and plugins as part of its base package.

This means the risk of server blacklisting due to someone else’s site being compromised is reduced.

It also ensures sites hosted on our servers comply with a minimum standard – enhancing the 4tify experience for all.

Even better, joining 4tify means no more languishing on hold listening to terrible elevator music while you wait for a support tech to get back to you. And that’s worth its weight in gold!

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