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Building Responsive Websites

If you’re looking to get a mobile-friendly Wordpress website then take a look at what we’ve created lately.

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Creative Print Solutions

For extra impact we created this unique services brochure that transforms from a house into a poster.

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Our process to a successful design strategy

Engaging a designer can be a big commitment, one where you place a lot of trust in a studio to handle a core asset of your business. At Paraph we enjoy the responsibility and love exploring the richness your products or services can add to your visual language. Paraph designs identities, products and collateral for businesses looking to refresh, update and grow their brand by implementing a design strategy.

We consider the best ways to communicate with your audience and enjoy the challenge of ‘getting in their heads’ and finding out ‘what makes them tick’. Below is a short explanation of the most common steps we take to bring your project to life.

This is the stage that requires the most forward planning, here is where we lay down the foundations or consider how it fits within the whole scheme of things. It’s the thinking part that doesn’t yield any tangible results other than a collection of research material and a brief that will help drive your design strategy.

The bit where we get our hands dirty, metaphorically speaking. We explore, search and develop a visual arsenal and generally enjoy creating logo’s, products, layouts, illustrations, diagrams, you name it… whatever the brief calls for. This stage aims to get a consensus for the design strategy and direction using draft text and images and may involve multiple options if required.

Once a design option has been selected and approved we hit the ground running. We use the approved design to create a working draft using final text, colours and/or images. These can be supplied by you or sourced and created by us. The final outcome is presented for approval and usually includes two rounds of corrections.

Based on the approved draft we ensure artwork is print ready and where required mark files with supplier instructions and perform some quality assurance checks prior to sending to the selected supplier.

The daily runnings and administration like making phone calls, sending emails and dealing with clients and suppliers. It also includes the maintenance of our backup system and project archiving, because in a few years time when you’d like to revisit that successful project we don’t need to worry that you’ve lost the files.

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